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About Our Company

Ponderosa Millworks is the salvage/reuse division of Ponderosa Tree Service and is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. We also have a facility in Miami with a showroom and one of the largest inventory of Live Edge Wood Slabs in the South Florida region.  Although we work with some Milling Companies in Florida in obtaining locally sustainable reclaimed wood, our own Milling Operations in California helps to provide a more diverse selection of wood slabs not available on the East Coast of the United States.  Logs from the trees we are hired to remove come to the mill, where we mill them, dry them and sell or use them.

There is a constant turnover of inventory, therefore this site should be considered as a reference to the kind of wood we carry and not a real-time example of current inventory. The slabs featured on this website are some of the more popular and/or common slabs we sell, but there are far too many varieties to list. The following is a list of other species we carry:

• Redwood (and sequoia)
• Blackwood acacia
• Monterey cypress
• Bigleaf maple
• Walnut
• Elm
• Monterey Pine
• Eucalyptus (multiple varieties)
• Cedar (multiple varieties)
• Monkey puzzle
• Hollywood juniper
• Poplar
• Avocado
• Locust
• Cuban Mahogany
• African Mahogany
• Woman’s Tongue Albizia
• Silk Oak
• Live Oak
• Tamarind
• Acacia
• Cypress
• Tropical Almond
• Mango
• Cherry
• Rosewood