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We charge about $85/hour (per person) under most circumstances for our services and wood preparation.  We understand that not everyone is ready to tackle all facets of their wood projects, and we are here to help with any and every requirements to get the job done.  Before we start to work on your project, you will have a clear understanding of all charges and the length of time required for the completion of all requested services.  Please contact us directly with any questions or inquiries.

Below are some of the more common services that are requested by our customers:

    • Flattening one face of a wood slab and squares up an adjacent edge, if removing the live edge side(s)
    • Bringing board to a consistent thickness by flattening the other side of an already jointed board.  The planner and Jointer work co-jointly
    • Gluing 2 or more boards together, or bookmatching 2 parallel ripped slabs (cut along the length to make 2 narrower pieces)
    • A combination of jointing (or jointing and planing) & gluing, if needed, 220 grit sanding, and ready for finishing with a lacquer, polyurethane, epoxy, or whatever choice of finishing you’d like to apply
    • Taking where we left off with the Pre-Finished wood slab and spray it with a durable and natural feel-to-the-touch Satin Lacquer Finishing.  We will only smooth finish just the top side of the wood slab; the bottom part of the slab will be roughly sanded and finished, although the customer can request to totally finish both sides.
    • Wood Fillers and Epoxy work are extra charges and will be priced accordingly to the size and requirements of the requested job
    • To keep your wood slabs from splitting in vulnerable spots, it sometimes requires the use of Butterfly (Bow Ties) or Dovetail Keys.  This service is also priced according to the requirements and size of the requested job
    • We offer both local and national transportation for your purchased wood slab.  Prices are determined by the size and distance of the freight.  Most local delivery is priced at $90/per delivery for loads weighing 150 lbs or less.  Larger loads which require multiple workers and loading time will be priced accordingly.
    • Whether it involves attaching the legs or base to your finished wood slab table top, or setting up your finished shelves, counter tops, bar tops or custom built-in design, etc…, we can install your entire project timely and with a guaranty of professional craftsmanship
    • Bring back that loving look to your dull looking hardwood furniture or wood finishing.   You can bring the piece to us (if movable / re-movable) or we can come to your location.  Call us for an assessment and quote.