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Many people aspire to have modern designs and furniture in their homes. However, if not done carefully, it can quickly become cold, stale, and uninteresting. What’s the fix? Something natural! Adding authentic, real wood featuring a live edge to your home can add texture and warmth.

At I Made It we mill all of our own wood, so it comes straight to the shop as raw boards with live edges. This gives you a lot of options for how your final design will look!

The use of the live edge in this piece creates a unique look. This end table is created from a single board, then cut to make a box. This creates a continuous look  and the grain appears like a waterfall flowing over the edge. Finished with hair pin legs, this will be stunning in any entryway!

Here the live edge is a bit more subtle. Not every live edge has to be wild and crazy, the relatively clean lines with a few variations gives a nice look. Leaving the bark also gives a bit of contrast to the light colored wood.

Who says less is more? All three shelves have a live edge so even when items are placed on the shelf the natural wood is still noticeable. The straight legs also add contrast to the live edge not making it overwhelming.

Even on small projects, like this beer caddy, live edges can add a fun and rustic element. By using a live edge piece as the handle it brings the natural wood front and center to the design!

The lighter wood of this coffee table contrasts nicely with the black metal legs, though still highlighting the blue and browns in the wood.

A live edge coffee table top brings a unique twist with different modern metal legs.


Which of these is your favorite?

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